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At Martinizing Layton Dry Cleaners We Will Preserve Your Memories

Dresses So Clean – It’s As If They Were New

Martinizing Layton Wedding Gown Cleaning - Wedding Gown Cleaning Layton UT“Oh how we danced on the night we were wed…”  It’s an old wedding song depicting a new beginning. And that wonderful night continues to play over and over in your mind. We feel it with you. That wedding gown now hangs in the very back of your closet covered in several plastic bags. You love that dress and want to keep it and wear it again in the future—maybe even for your tenth anniversary or better yet, for your silver anniversary.

On that special anniversary you pull your dress out and it’s smelly, dingy, and limp. What do you do now? That’s where we come in. Martinizing Dry Cleaners Layton are experts at cleaning wedding gowns and bringing the radiance back to them just like they were when first worn. You can trust us to give meticulous attention to the inspection, stain removal, and cleaning of your gown.  Our cleaning process includes a special step to ensure “invisible stains” containing sugar, salt or citrus acid that can dry clear are removed, as well.  So, when you want to restore that perfect wedding dress for your anniversary, our professionals can definitely help. Our archival dry cleaning services provide museum-quality methods that make your dress as perfect as it was the first day you wore it. Remember, too, we always have money-saving coupons to get you the best services at reduced prices.

Wedding Gown Preservation

That beautiful wedding anniversary banquet is over and once again you want to keep your dress for future events. Well, we’re here for you again. This time instead of covering it with plastic bags, bring it to us. We are expert at wedding gown preservation; and we will meet that need for you. After cleaning and removing any seen and unseen stains, at your request we will professionally press and package your cherished memories in special acid-free materials to ensure your gown is preserved for generations to come.  Again, our dry cleaning services provide museum-quality methods that keep your dress perfect for many more years!  Once you get it home, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place to avoid heat and dampness in order to prevent yellowing and mildew.

We can also do the same cleaning, restoration and preservation on heirloom items and antique textiles. You need our professional processes because these items often are very delicate and require great care. Martinizing Dry Cleaners in Layton are restoration specialists and we have the expertise to restore your precious items, making your memories last and last.

More Then Just Wedding Dresses

Martinizing Layton Wedding Gown Preservation - Wedding Gown Preservation Layton UTAsk us about fine items and other prized possessions, too. From delicate blouses and woven sweaters to your child’s favorite bedtime stuffed animal, our propriety dry cleaning and laundry is the right choice for all of your fine washables. We use the highest quality products and always take the time to treat your finest possessions as if they were our own.

Just think about it, years later you can offer your beautiful wedding gown to your own daughter or even your granddaughter to wear, making it a true heirloom to be passed down for generations to come.

We’ve always been about pleasing you. That’s our goal. And with every encounter we intend to keep you satisfied with our exceptional services . We’ll show you why we are different that way, and we’ll assure you that we are the only and best choice for all your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

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