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You’re More Than Just A Customer From Syracuse; You’re A Good Neighbor To Us

We Care For Your Clothes

Dry Cleaning Syracuse UT - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonA wonderful customer service characteristic is when a representative shows a genuine concern for what’s yours.  Great customer service always results in happy and returning customers.  So when our Syracuse patrons come to us, we’re just like neighbors. You’re about 12 minutes from us, anyway. That’s just 12 minutes from the best quality services you will ever experience. We provide true neighborly recognition and we are personal with all our customers. When you’re happy and satisfied, we’re happy and satisfied, too.

We have great quality services including pickup and delivery from your home or office. So, we can come to you and still maintain that neighborly relationship.

As you continue allowing us to do your dry cleaning and laundry, you’ll find that our entire friendly culture is centered on the fact that each team members cares for your clothes as if they belonged to them.  This practice allows us to deliver the utmost in convenience and quality 6 days a week.

Pickup and Delivery

In fact, take a closer look at our pickup and delivery:

  • Our Pickup and Delivery is to your home or office
  • Twice a week pick-up and delivery
  • No need to be home to use the service. If you’re in a hurry, leave the blue bag we provide for you on your premises and just tell us where you put it. We’ll get it per your instructions and on delivery day, we’ll return it to where you designate

Our Services

Dry Cleaning Syracuse Utah - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonThere is just no other dry cleaner that pours convenience into its already wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services for our Syracuse customers and those in surrounding areas:

With our pickup and delivery services you know we are already the best where laundry and dry cleaning is concerned.  And now you know that when it comes to convenience we’re the best, too.

We make life easier

What We Offer

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