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You Guys Living In Roy, Bring Us Your Dry Cleaning-We’re Neighbors

Quality Dry Cleaning in Roy UT

Dry Cleaning Hooper UT - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonWe provide exceptional services to our neighbors living in Roy and outlying areas. The good thing about our services is first of all, they are not promotions that will last for a limited time. No, they are our every day exceptional services done by a team of committed staff members to maintain the great reputation that has lasted for more than six decades

Pickup and Delivery Service

Since you are so close to us you can easily take advantage of our daily hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. But, what kind of neighbors would we be if we didn’t offer the best service we have to you-convenience. Neighbors see about one another, right? And we see about your getting your dry cleaning done whenever you need it, whether you come to us or not.  Actually, we’ll come to you. We offer pickup and delivery services to all of you in Roy. Here’s how easy it is to take advantage of it:

  • You have a load of dry cleaning and laundry that needs doing.
  • Call and schedule a pickup with us. We pick up twice a week and we deliver twice a week.
  • Use the bag that we will provide for your clothing and leave it outside your door, if you’re not home or leave it in another designated area and we’ll pick it up from there. Back porch, by the garage door, etc.
  • On the designated delivery date, we’ll return to you clean, pressed, fresh smelling clothing ready to wear or to hang in your closet.

Additional Services

Along with dry cleaning and laundry we have: wedding gown preservation and restoration, couture cleaning and more.  See, we told you that we are practically neighbors and we look out for you.  We’ll look out for all your clothing and textiles and much more when you give us the privilege to serve you. Roy residents, we’re your neighborhood dry cleaner and we’re also the very best at providing services just for you.

We make life easier

What We Offer

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