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You Heard Right. We Are The Only Dry Cleaner You’ll Ever Need

Dry Cleaning Services in Mountain Green

Dry Cleaning Mountain Green UT - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonWhenever you hear the name “Martinizing” you immediately think that they are the best dry cleaners ever. And that’s true. The Martinizing name and reputation is strong and current. It’s strong because we have maintained our good reputation for more than 6 decades. It’s current because we know what modern-day consumers want the most from any business they support. They want convenience and great service. If you live in Mountain Green and need a dry cleaner for your clothing needs, we’re the cleaners for you. And we guarantee that you won’t needs any other.

Here are some of our services:

Dry Cleaners Mountain Green Utah - Martinizing Dry Cleaners Layton

Handling Your Clothes With Care

When it comes to dry cleaning we are very detailed:

  • Your garment is inspected in 6 different inspections points prior to delivery to ensure we deliver your clothes in top quality condition on a day in day out basis.
  • Your clothes are picked up and delivered twice a week. That means that you save 2 trips to the store per week, and that also means that you save money not expending any fuel.
  • Your clothes are guaranteed to never have any broken, cracked or missing buttons.
  • You will never have a late delivery or a missed pick-up, guaranteed.
  • You will always save money with our specials and our coupons that we offer to our customers.

Pickup and Delivery

Convenience is our first service and the next best service we provide for our Mountain Green residents is our pickup and delivery service. It is so easy to take advantage of it:

  • Call and schedule a pickup. They are done twice a week.
  • We provide you with a blue bag to put your garments in.
  • Tell us where you will leave it: front porch, back porch, side door, outside garage, etc.
  • We’ll pick it up on the scheduled pick up date
  • We’ll deliver it back to you on the scheduled delivery date

With all of the services and quality work we do on all of your clothing you can see why we really are the only dry cleaner you’ll ever need.

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