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We Jump Through Hoops To Satisfy Our Hooper Utah Customers

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Dry Cleaning Hooper UT - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonFor decades Martinizing has been providing convenience to all of its customers. Today, here in Layton we continue that tradition. We provide all kinds of dry cleaning and laundry services for our patrons, because you are the reason we do what we do. In fact, we are at our best when we are serving you.

Throughout our years we’ve evolved to ensure that you are always satisfied with the services we render to you.  And today we are still satisfying all of our customers who live in Hooper, Layton, and surrounding areas.  Take a look at the services we provide just for you:

Pickup and Delivery

Since you’re about 22 minutes from us, you can come in with your dry cleaning or we can come to you and pickup your dry cleaning and laundry. It’s really easy to schedule a pickup:

  • Call and schedule a pickup. They are done twice a week.
  • We provide you with a blue bag to put your garments in.
  • Tell us where you will leave it: front porch, back porch, side door, outside garage, etc.
  • We’ll pick it up on the scheduled pick up date
  • We’ll deliver it back to you on the scheduled delivery date

Dry Cleaners Hooper Utah - Martinizing Dry Cleaners LaytonAlso with our pickup and delivery service there are no hidden fees, and it’s available to Hooper residents all the time. We have specials and coupons to further help you save money. Also, when it comes to our dry cleaning service coupled with our pickup and delivery service:

How We Care For Your Clothes

  • Your garment is inspected in 6 different inspections points prior to delivery to ensure we deliver your clothes in top quality condition on a day in day out basis.
  • Your clothes are picked up and delivered twice a week. That means that you save 2 trips to the store per week, and that also means that you save money not expending any fuel.
  • Your clothes are guaranteed to never have any broken, cracked or missing buttons.
  • You will never have a late delivery or a missed pick-up, guaranteed.

We love doing all we can to make you glad you picked us as your only dry cleaner. We’ll keep making you happy and satisfied, too.

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